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Bloodborne 2 Might Be The Next from Software Game In 2017

Bloodborne 2 Might Be The Next from Software Game In  2017

While this is still speculation, talks about a new From Software game in 2017 are abound. New statements from Teruyiki Toriyama & Masaaki Yamagiwa, both From Software producers, have suggested that a sequel to Bloodborne or a new From Software game is coming in 2017.

Speaking in an interview with 4Gamer, both the producers alluded to the fact that From had several games in progress, including a mix if new and existing IPs. They also said that a new From Software game could come before the end of 2017. Dark Souls 3 was the last game by From and DLC for that is still being put out, so there’s no chance of a new Souls game. There’s also little chance of earlier From games since they were only successful inside of Japan, and did not cater to a western audience.

Bloodborne 2 looks to be a likely game, or a new game might be in the works. We’ll know for sure in a few months as official release dates and trailer are revealed.

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