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To Bet on the Euros 2021, Start Here

To Bet on the Euros 2021, Start Here

Pro players are not the only ones who can live off their passion for the round ball. With a well-placed football bet, you can raise a good sum from the pitch –without sweating. 

The extreme popularity of the world’s number 1 sport sets football apart from other sporting disciplines. Everywhere and on all continents, from Mumbai to Montreal to Abidjan, Madrid, Geneva, and Nice, inhabitants of the green planet love football, and they bet on it! 

In football sports betting, you benefit from a dizzying choice of national and international competitions. Online sports betting sites cover hundreds of professional leagues around the world. 

Benefits of soccer betting

  • Very wide choice of matches and competitions
  • Very popular sport and appreciated by punters
  • Offer is live matches and streaming
  • Many possible types of bets
  • Many promotions on football odds

Disadvantages of soccer betting

  • Difficult to find a value bet in football

Now it’s time for advice and detailed explanations so that you can bet on the EUROS like a pro:

Bet on the outcome of the match

Predicting the result of one or more matches is the easiest thing to do! This is the “1X2” bet. We check 1 for the team’s victory playing at home, 2 for the visiting club, or N for a draw. The “double chance ” version allows you to bet on two of the three possibilities simultaneously, win or an interest. 

So-called “combined” 1X2 bets have long been the norm in football betting. With the rise of online betting, most players prefer to bet on a limited number of matches, favoring teams they know well.

Other popular football bets

Online football betting possibilities have been extended. You must start by finding the right sitesOnce you do, your betting  options, apart from the  1X2, include:

Over-under bet. Also called “more or less” or “above below.” Here you are betting that the total number of goals in the game will or will not exceed a certain number.

Correct score. As the name suggests, this is about betting on the exact score of a match (1-1, 3-2, etc.).

Handicap bets. These are bets on the goal difference between two teams add a dose of uncertainty to matches where the outcome of the winner is not in doubt. A variant known as Asian handicap betting introduces half or quarter-goal gaps and partial reimbursement of stakes. It is not available on the French market.

Half-time bets. Half-time bets allow you to bet on the partial result at half time or the combined effect at half time and end of the match. A popular type of bet is live soccer betting.

Draw no bet.  Also called “reimbursed if a draw.” On this bet, the bookmaker will refund your stake if the result of the match is a draw. A bet is often used as a “cover” to minimize the risks on a 1X2 single bet, and therefore as an alternative to the double chance bet.

Bet on the outcome of the competitions

Of course, it is possible to bet on events that go beyond simple matches. If you like long-term predictions, betting on the outcome of an entire competition is for you!  

With the EUROS, football betting is more complex, combining a strong dose of chance and many evaluation parameters.  And consequently, higher odds and payouts for the knowledgeable bettors and budding statisticians. Here are a few examples:

Final results. Predict, for example, the winner of the competition. The runner-up or runner-up. The first 3, 4, 5, or 6. Clubs qualified for a European Cup. Teams relegated to lower divisions or those promoted.

Intermediate results. Bet, for example, on the qualifying group from which the final winner will come. On the teams qualified at the end of the group stage. On those qualified in the semi-final or the last.

Statistical rankings.  For example, bet on the team that will end the competition with the best attack or the best defense. On the longest undefeated team. Of the total number of matches ending on penalties.


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