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Top 10 Best Mobile Games With An Amazing Story

Top 10 Best Mobile Games With An Amazing Story

Looking for a riveting story driven smartphone game? Here are the Top 10 Best Mobile Games With Good Story!

We played a lot of these games on the Samsung Galaxy Note 8, which offers a smooth and immersive gameplay experience.

Mobile phone games usually provide it’s consumers with fun and easy to learn games. These games don’t usually require a lot of effort from the user and can be stopped and picked up at any point of the game.

People usually play mobile games when they are waiting or travelling, hence one would not generally associate mobile gaming with a rich story line. But with mobile phones becoming more and more intricate, games are retaining users not only for gameplay but also the story. Here are a few games that would keep you sticking around for the story.

  1. Lonewolf


This game is intense and filled with moral conflict. Lonewolf casts you as an assassin who has to go around killing people. There is a story that runs in the background and is told through a neat looking comic book-style cut scenes, while the core of the game is sniping. Each of the levels requires a little bit of shooting but with various unique stipulations.

Some levels require you to kill someone in a hospital without triggering the alarms. The game can be described as the smaller budget and lower level polish of Hitman: Sniper. The game is based on some really solid ideas and is a must play if you like shooters.

Price: Free
Platforms: Android | iOS


2. The Bard’s Tale

This game first released on the PC back in 1985 and on consoles in 2004. The quirky action RPG made a smooth transition onto mobile devices with it’s great tongue-in-cheek story and was well received by gamers. You assume the role of an unnamed protagonist as he gets swept away in a story rife with RPG cliches and humor. The funny story line and witty writing is what makes this game stand out.

The gameplay is a top-down action RPG with a somewhat basic real time battle system. At the start, players can wield various close and long range weapons to take down their enemies.

Price: Rs. 140 | 190
Platform: Android | iOS


3. Superbrothers: Sword & Sworcery EP

This game has to be one of the most sophisticated, stylish and fun games I’ve come across. SP&P is more a window into another world as it is a game. The games follows the story of a Scythian warrior in search of mysterious power hidden somewhere in the Caucasus Mountains and relies on mystical music and eye-catching pixel graphics to help you navigate through the puzzles.

Even though there are real-time battles, the game primarily focuses on exploration and solving riddles. The game screams originality as there is no other game quite like it and it has an amazing sound track!

Price: Rs 267
Platforms: Android | iOS


4. OT Chronicles

Out There Chronicles is an interactive graphic novel based on the award-winning game Out There. The game has perfectly captured the sense of journeying into the unknown. Other than the stunning visuals, the game is accompanied by a well written story line, untimely ends and tense situations.

The well written prose and detailed art brings places and characters to life making it a memorable experience.

Price: 190
Platforms: Android | iOS


5. Banner Saga

The Banner Saga is your typical RPG but with so many elements that keep you glued to it. Set in a Viking inspired world with amazing hand-drawn animation sequences and an art style inspired the Disney film, Sleeping Beauty, Banner Saga’s main focus lies in the decisions that the player makes as they traverse across the harsh cold world where they will meet new potential allies or enemies.

Price: Rs. 330
Platform: Android | iOS


6. Gemini Rue

This game is quite complex to explain and I wouldn’t do it justice if I tried. Please forgive me but I’ve copied the description from Google PlayStore, I honestly think this is the best way you’d understand the game.

A sci-fi noir adventure in the tradition of “Blade Runner” and “Beneath a Steel Sky.” Azriel Odin, ex-assassin, arrives on the rain-drenched planet of Barracus. When things go horribly wrong, he can only seek help from the very criminals he used to work for. Meanwhile, across the galaxy, a man called Delta-Six wakes up in a hospital with no memory. Without knowing where to turn or who to trust, he vows to escape before he loses his identity completely.

As fate brings these two closer together, we discover a world where life is cheap, identities are bought and sold, and a quest for redemption can change the fate of a whole galaxy.

Price: Rs. 309
Platform: Android | iOS


7. Her Story

This critically acclaimed mystery game from Sam Barlow plays out like an interactive true crime documentary. The game lets you go hands on with a police database to try and solve a murder that took place in 1994. Players must analyse several hundred interview clips concerning a fictional murder case.

The gameplay is essentially a search engine where you search the database using keywords. You draw conclusions and start to make sense of the crime, who might have committed it only to find out another player has come up with another conlusion with perfectly valid reasons. This game is all about that story, bout that story, no gameplay.

Price: Rs 340
Platform: Android | iOS


8. Yesterday

Players take the role of Henry White and must discover the cause of a series of killings in New York and seemingly related people who find Y-shaped scars appearing on their hands. Interactions are kept minimal in this game and are simple to get a hang of. However, the story is where the developers had invested a large chunk of their time.

The game covers aspects like murder, violence and even sexual themes, so it might not be suitable for small kids. However this is a game I would leave on my phone for a while. The graphics and well told story make this a game that you can get back to even after a considerable break.

Price: Rs. 502 | 420
Platform: Android | iOS


9. Broken Age

This is probably the only one on the list that is a family friendly game. This hand animated, puzzle filled adventure game with an all-star cast, including Elijah Wood, Jack Black and Masasa Moyo. This game was funded by a three million dollar Kickstarter campaign. This was a game by the fans which means it managed to escape the intrusive tinkering of a publisher.

Broken Age is a charming adventure game which is backed by strong characters and crisp writing. While a lot of the credit goes to Tim Schafer’s smart comedy writing, it is the incredible voice cast that pretty much steals it.

Price: Rs. 330 | 300
Platform: Android | iOS


10. Telltale Games

Telltale Games develop and publish user-driven stories for video games. Their business model revolves around episodic gaming and digital distribution and is best known for its various adventure game series based on popular licensed properties.

Telltale Game games usually plays itself and occasionally asks the user to join in and walk around, fight or make decisions. It feels a bit more like an interactive movie than a video game but that doesn’t take away from the general enjoyment of the game and keeps you engaged like the show. Another advantage to these games is that they can be played on most phone as they aren’t too graphic intensive but focus more on the story.

They’ve worked on games like Batman, Minecraft, The Walking Dead, Game of Thrones, The Wolf Among Us, Tales from the Borderlands just to name a few. If that line up doesn’t impress you I don’t know what will.

Game of Thrones: Android | iOS
Tales from the Borderlands: Android | iOS
The Walking Dead: Android | iOS
The Wolf Among Us: Android | iOS
Batman – The Telltale Series: Android | iOS


So those were some of the best story based games that can be found on mobile devices. If you played a mobile game that was based on a great story which hasn’t been mentioned here, do let us know in the comments below.

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After undergoing the IB curriculum in Kodaikanal, Joash disciplined in English and Political Science at St. Stephens, Delhi. Then went on to do his post graduate diploma in Mass communication and journalism at Xavier Institute of Mass Communications, Bombay. He has a thing for motorbikes, cameras, drums & the lovely Jeniffer Piccinato


  1. really nice post and good review and story telling on all the games – good one.

  2. Hi Joash. The list you give is very good. Lonewolf looks very attractive. I will play tonight. 🙂

  3. your site is best site in this category your post are awesome

  4. Seemed like maybe 2 of those were pretty good, but you cant talk about the best story driven mobile games without mentioning Oceanhorn, im literally begging the devs for a second one, it is by far THE best game to ever hit mobile


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