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Best Of 2016: Top 10 Manga For Adults Of 2016

Best Of 2016: Top 10 Manga For Adults Of 2016

I am pretty sure this is the last plausible thing you might have thought about to have any chance cropping up as a listicle on GC website. However, this is the best time of the year, and perhaps the perfect opportunity for me, to publish controversial content without the risk of emerging as a new candidate to receive widespread public loathing. Why so? because there are so many other stuff attracting your attention at this year end.

If you are not very familiar with the otaku slang, there is a high possibility that you are one of those guys who I suspect is going to loathe me after realizing that this is the article which is written to discuss the top 10 adult stuff that marked their presence in 2016. In fact, the sole reason why the title doesn’t say top 10 adult stuff, is basically to keep you away by making it sound irrelevant to you.

If you are still with me then I promise you that unlike other guys, who discuss similar things on the internet, I have made sure to keep things under control, even though this genre is inherently susceptible to nasty stuff (I mean, come on! Sex is a topic that is the most frequent visitor to your mental facility. It is almost like a mechanism that is invented by god to free up some RAM in your brain which is busy during the whole days worrying about so many other things. And this is the reason why anything creative in this genre, which is interesting enough to catch your attention, is often socially, morally or legally unacceptable in the real world). In other words, I will refrain to certain extent to popularize content that involves BDSM, NTR, incest, rape and the likes of it.

It is quite a surprise even to me, but unlike what I thought before compiling the list, there are no Japanese contenders who could impress me this year (I eagerly await a phenomenon similar to Kangoku Gakuen, which is mostly restricted to ecchi content, to emerge in the realm of hardcore adult genre). Whether you talk about art-work, story, character design, potential to be serialized or get animated, the Koreans really did nail it all the way this year. Largely this was possible because of modern digital tools such as Manga Studio and the success of webtoons in recent years, owing to which many individual creators got the courage to put their best efforts against established entities. And kudos to all those who made it to this list!

Without further ado, let’s get down to business.

#10. Household Affair


A horny housewife who finally gives in to her carnal desires and a cold hearted insensitive husband whose sole reason to marry was to blend into society as a common man, when in fact he is a deadly assassin. What would be the plight of the poor guy who couldn’t resist the temptation to get some heavenly pleasure from this young and voluptuous house wife. The only reason why this webtoon features low in the ranking is because I am morally obliged to promote content that is less violent and abusive towards women.

#09. Cohabitation


Living with your friend’s sexy, care free and defenseless girlfriend, while your friend goes away for indefinite period of time. As obvious, for it to be realistic, the protagonist has to be a big pushover and his friend has to be significantly fearsome. Love, temptation, seduction, courage, fear, uncertainty and anxiety are all mixed in correct proportion. Not the best artwork, but your junior will feel the heat alright. The reason this one is number 9, because lately it has ventured into the NTR zone, I am not a big fan of.

#08. H-Mate


I personally hate it and love it at the same time. The protagonist is a handsome dude who acts in a pathetic way. I don’t know how to better the story. The story is, by nature of it, meant to be the way it is. I would have dropped it from the first chapter itself had it not featured some of the greatest artwork in the adult genre.

#07. Refrain Love


This one is one of my personal favorites. The reason being, you will not find many Korean works which are actually funny to the same level as Japanese manga are. This gives me hope that the humor part which is often missing in Korean stuff is bound to show up more often in future Korean works. After all, if you look closely, the greatest manga and anime contain humor as an inseparable element that shows up every now and then to add emotional contrast and remove monotony in the narrative. I won’t spill the details of the story because it will inevitably become spoiler stuff. Better check it out, even if you are not into adult or ecchi manga. Though the art work is not top notch if compared to many that you will find in this list.

#06. My Office


When the new trend to excel at office politics and attain vertical growth for eligible top management executive position is to endorse loyalty sex among employees, life becomes overwhelmingly sex filled for a new employee. This is good read for those who want to skip the extra stuff and get down to what really matters, sex. It is more similar to a typical Japanese hentai in a lot of sense, just that it is not that extravagant and you don’t feel disgusted with yourself (which is natural for a non-pervert to feel when he starts reading a archetypal hentai manga) after 10 minutes you start reading it.

#05. Perfect Half


A fresh story line, or in better words an un-contemporary setting/circumstances in the story that gives you unlimited potential to make things interesting. The story has not progressed much and I have my finger crossed, I really wish this one to live up to the great expectations that have spawned around it. To add icing to the cake, the art work is quite good if not the best.

#04. Ghost Love


Sex with a ghost, if this isn’t interesting then what is? Again, a webtoon I wish can exploit the immense potential it holds. The art work, as expected for any top five candidates, is top notch.  

#03. Sports Girl


You ask any pervert, and without any exception he would have thought about this. Everyone loves beautiful sport women; the grace and poise add an extra element to their sensuality. This series too had a great potential. The author could have extracted a lot of juice out of the idea he started out with. Unfortunately, he decided to keep things simple. This is sort of a compilation of short stories which ends too soon for its own good, leaving you with an unquenched thirst for more.

#02. Brawling Go


What according to you is the most common idea for a sure shot success in this genre? I will tell you, take a protagonist who is a generic representative of the otaku community, put some gorgeous babes around him, and in his boring life which continues for a while in the story you suddenly bestow upon him a magic dick that is a pussy magnet. So here it is! your well known formula that works every time you want success in the Hentai industry.

#01. Sweet Guy


If you look closely, there is not much of a conceptual difference in this one and ‘Brawling Go’. However, the protagonist is a bigger nerd if you observe the lack of females in his friend circle (or lack of many friends as a whole) and his measly lifestyle ( thick framed spects, studio apartment, superhero T-shirts, sales man job, extensive use of public transport etc.). Moreover, unlike Brawling go, in which the ladies get to know about the magic dick by accident, in this webtoon, the protagonist is a walking aphrodisiac. The art work is good and I like the MC’s love interest better than anyone in this whole list.

There are several others, you might argue are better than those listed in this article, well in fact, we really would like to know for ourselves. No need to feel embarrassed, even if it means you will have to reveal your objectionable sexual preferences; after all, people who will read your comments are no better than you, they just read a close to 1500 words article about cartoonish adult content.

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