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The Best Casinos in 2021 That Accept Bitcoin

The Best Casinos in 2021 That Accept Bitcoin

With more and more online casinos opening up online, they have to compete to make sure users choose their website over the others. There are many ways that they do this – good games, great customer service and tempting welcome offers for example. However, one way they’re now adapting to keep people interested in accepting Bitcoin as a way to top up their accounts. Bitcoin has increased in popularity over recent months and with more people now aware of the cryptocurrency it makes sense that brands adapt their way of working and accept Bitcoin as a way to pay, which is exactly what many casinos are now doing.


As the name suggests, are a casino that offers the chance to play using Bitcoin. Their website has a whole host of games to pick from – slots, baccarat, blackjack and roulette just to name a few. They even have a loyalty club where existing plays can earn extra rewards and free spins when they sign up. They have some really popular slot machine games such as The Respinners and Cubes, both 1 and 2. With so many games to choose from they’re certainly a casino that has something for everyone – the ability to play using Bitcoin is just an added, but very welcome, bonus.  The website is easy to use and signup is quick so if you want to get going, you should be able to straight away.


With a welcome bonus of up to 100% when you first top up your account it is easy to see why Casino are one of the most popular Bitcoin-accepting casinos online. Their website boasts over 350 different games to choose from, so you know that whatever you are in the mood for you’ll be able to find something that suits you. Winner of the Best Customer Service Company award in 2020 they obviously are a company that has their customers at the heart of what they do – which shows in the fact that they have now upgraded their site and accept Bitcoin as a way to play.


Last but by no means least on our list is NetBet, which allows you to deposit up to £35,000 at a time – great for people who want to bet big. Don’t worry though, they accept deposits from £5 and have a really generous welcome bonus that lets you win up to 500 free spins when you first join. They’re another online casino that has a plethora of games for you to choose from and even daily jackpots and instant win games. All of those alongside live casino games and a players club you get access to. 

Of course, you get the added extra that you can also deposit to your account using Bitcoin, handy! With so many options for playing games online using Bitcoin, you don’t have to let only having digital currency available be a hindrance. Using cryptocurrency to pay for things is generally smooth and hassle-free, with very minimal transaction fees and less of a footprint on your record than using your bank account. So, if you do wish to go ahead and play casino games online using Bitcoin, you at least have peace of mind that there are lots of options open to you. Whether you’re looking to play with Bitcoin or any other currency, finding the right casino is important. You want an easy to use platform with a variety of games. Look out for any easy sign-up process as this will generally mean that the rest of the website isn’t too complicated either – ideal for when you just want to sign up and get gaming without too much hassle.

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