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Best Android Games of September 2014

Best Android Games of September 2014

Yet again we bring you the best android games of the month. There are a lot of games that come out on a daily basis, so we’ve narrowed it down for your convenience and let you know which games are worth the MB’s.

Spider-Man Unlimited

Definitely one of the better games I’ve played in the last couple of months. Gameloft has done a superb job in making this game attractive to not only the casual gamer but also to avid Spidey fans. The cel-shaded graphics makes the characters look vivid and dramatic. The endless runner with lots of IAP, gathers 4 different costumes from all over Marvel’s various universes.

The game feels like its straight out of a Marvel comic, honestly! Unite every type of Spider Man to battle the Sinister Six who are moving from dimension to dimension destroying each one.


Leo’s Fortune

A cunning thief has stolen your gold and it is up to you get the stuff back by all means possible. The award winning platform adventure game features beautifully hand crafted levels that bring Leo’s story to life in this most epic adventure. Not to mention expensive adventure cause this game costs Rs. 300



Angry Birds Stella

The latest edition of Angry Birds traces back to its root in terms of gameplay. Angry Birds Stella is more or less the same as it predecessors, with new stages, new birds which allow new gameplay options. The biggest addition to this is that there is more of a storyline than before.  Help Stella and her feathered friends take on the Evil Queen in a mild fantasy setting.


Heli Hell

A full on old school, top down shooter which has you flying improbably-armed attack helicopters deep into enemy territory, overruling its 2D gameplay with 3D graphic explosions. Also there are some pretty lame 80s action movie references that I thought were quite funny.


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