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How to Beat the Cricket Odds


How to Beat the Cricket Odds

There’s no doubt about it, cricket is one of the world’s most loved and appreciated sports, also making it one of the most popular to bet on. To stand a real shot at winning on sports betting, bettors need to have accurate predictions and a strategy to beat the odds. Cricket odds from bookies is a sure way to go but how do you incorporate these predictions into your strategy. Here we take a look at how bettors beat the cricket odds and use bookies predictions.

Using the Odds Market

Market odds vary from one sportsbook to another but they tend to cast a similar prediction overall. By using these odds to make an informed wager, bettors stand a greater chance of winning. The match winner isn’t always bet upon, many sportsbooks favour the underdog or betting on which team will take the most sixes. By reviewing this information, bettors eventually begin to form a strategy that beats the odds, gauging accurate predictions and enhancing the game in action. This is a common strategy used in winning and beating the odds.

The Popularity of Cricket

In recent years, cricket has become more popular. Top brands in the industry, such as ESPN, have gained the sport an American audience. Since the exposure, more sites are airing live cricket games, spectacular competitions including the IPL and garnered more sportsbetting fans. Along with more exposure comes more strategy and it with rumours circulating that a ‘Minor League’ T20 will be heading for New York, bettors will have to explore the possibility that more sites will be built with the intention of garnering members with accurate odds.

All About the USA Cricket T20

In a recent turn of events, USA Cricket has confirmed its intentions to bring a Minor League T20 franchise to New York and through to Los Angeles. The news hasn’t come as a surprise as the launch has been discussed in the open. This adds to the field of sports betting and essentially creates more hype around the sport forcing bookmakers to cast better odds. It has been rumoured that the new league will launch in 2021, allowing bettors time to adjust to the idea and garnering the new league immediate fans and granting sportsbooks the opportunity to host live events from the league.

The purpose of the partnership of ACE and USA Cricket forming this new league is to gain the sports more exposure in America. According to sources many resources have been used in the development of the Minor League T20 and sports bettors are already jumping at the opportunity to invest in making money in 2021. The T20 league is expected to be a massive success and a revolutionary addition to the already successful nature of the game.

This is according to a USA Cricket press release which hit shelves in San Francisco, Chicago, Seattle, Houston, Dallas and several other American states, confirming what many were in hopes of.

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