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Battlefield 1 Gets New Trailer At Gamescom, Open Beta Coming Soon

Battlefield 1 Gets New Trailer At Gamescom, Open Beta Coming Soon

DICE has announced that the open beta for their uber highly anticipated game, Battlefield 1 will be starting on 31st August on Xbox One, PC and Ps 4. And it only gets better for Battlefield Insiders – they get to play early. So those still looking to get their hands on the game, you have a chance to register for early access till 21st August.

Even though DICE hasn’t exactly confirmed how sooner the Insiders will get to play, but rumor has it that it may be as less as 3 days. They also confirmed that the Insiders will have to select their platform of choice right now, otherwise they won’t get early access to the game.

The beta includes a new multiplayer map – the Sinai Desert, located in a place called El-Jifar. The gameplay varies from on-ground foot and vehicular combat to horseback fights to aerial chases. The new trailer is pretty impressive showcasing the “behemoth” armoured train. The beta also includes two of Battlefield’s most popular game modes: Conquest and Rush.

Daniel Berlin, the lead designer on Battlefield 1 had earlier said in an interview that the singleplayer campaign “will focus on different stories and different personalities across the world.” One of the playable characters may include the Bedouin woman warrior from the trailer.


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