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Microsoft @ E3 2016: Honesty Not Always The Best Policy?

Most of us can agree that Sony emerged a clear victor at the E3 2016 conference, thanks to their spectacular showcase and amazing titles. Microsoft also had quite a few tricks up their sleeves, but they fell short. BUT. And it’s a big ‘BUT’ (no pun intended). Announcing Project Scorpio along with Xbox One S may not seem like a great idea, BUT they laid all their cards on the table. For someone who...

Microsoft @ E3: Xbox One S, Project Scorpio And Much More

Microsoft kicked off its E3 press conference this year with the sleeker, slimmer version of the Xbox One – the Xbox One S. Priced at $299 for the 500GB model, the new addition provides the punch given by its predecessor in a smaller form factor with built-in power supply, thereby removing the need for the cumbersome power brick you need for the Xbox One. Check out the Xbox one S in the video below...

E3 2016 – Sony Outshines The Competition?

This year’s E3 conference showcased a lot of promise from all the developers, but we can’t help but feel that Sony clearly takes the cake. From an eargasmic start from the composer of the OST to “God of War” to the end with an actual gameplay footage of their new zombie survival game, “Days Gone”, the entire showcase is a delight to watch. It feels much more focused and streamlined when compared t...

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