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ASUS Republic of Gamers Announces the ROG Swift 360Hz, World’s First 360Hz Gaming Monitor with NVIDIA G-SYNC Technology

ASUS Republic of Gamers Announces the ROG Swift 360Hz, World’s First 360Hz Gaming Monitor with NVIDIA G-SYNC Technology

ASUS Republic of Gamers (ROG) today announced the ROG Swift 360Hz, the world’s fastest and first NVIDIA G-SYNC® gaming monitor with a 360Hz refresh rate, and the ROG Swift
PG32UQX with G-SYNC ULTIMATE technology, a 32-inch gaming display engineered with mini-LED
technology to deliver stunning 4K HDR visuals.

Unparalleled speed for an extra edge with the ROG Swift 360Hz G-SYNC Esports monitor
Compared to widely available 240Hz gaming monitors, the ROG Swift 360Hz can put out a whopping 50
percent more frames every second – supplying esports and competitive gamers with the edge they need
to win. With a comfortable 24.5-inch display size and Full HD resolution, the ROG Swift 360Hz features
the same unmistakable design that graces the lineup of highest-end ROG gaming monitors.

Mini-LED Drives Performance and Visuals in the 32-inch ROG Swift PG32UQX G-SYNC Ultimate
The ROG Swift PG32UQX is the ultimate 4K high-dynamic-range (HDR) gaming monitor. Featuring an
advanced G-SYNC ULTIMATE processor with the latest HDR features, the 16:9 display is illuminated by
a full-array local dimming backlight with 1152 Mini LED zones that let the PG32UQX display the brightest
highlights and darkest blacks of a scene with incredible contrast and minimal haloing. Small highlights in
games, like light bulbs or the disc of the sun, can reach peak brightness of up to 1400 nits, offering a
more lifelike HDR experience than ever before. The Mini-LED backlight can also turn off as needed when
it comes to darker scenes.
The G-SYNC processor drives variable refresh rates up to 144Hz, and support for 10-bit color throughout
the refresh rate range ensures that the PG32UQX always shows off games, movies, and desktop
applications at their best. With NVIDIA G-SYNC technology, users will enjoy smooth, tear-free gameplay,
even when frame rates fall below the PG32UQX’s peak 144Hz refresh rate, and with the incredibly
capable panel and backlight inside, the PG32UQX is NVIDIA G-SYNC ULTIMATE-certified. All G-SYNC
ULTIMATE-certified displays undergo a rigorous validation process and are subjected to 300 image
quality tests to ensure they deliver consistent quality and maximum performance.
The PG32UQX is also designed to be a productive companion outside of games, offering DisplayHDR
1400 compliance for other entertainment needs. For those who want to use all of the screen size
available from a 4K resolution, the 32-inch diagonal expanse of the PG32UQX offers a pixel density
better suited to running a Windows desktop without scaling.
The ROG Swift PG32UQX doesn’t hold back in style, designed with multiple textures on the back of the
display, separated by a subtle diagonal chrome strip. An Aura Sync-enabled RGB LED ROG logo lets
users coordinate the PG32UQX with other Aura Sync-enabled components for a fully harmonized battle
station. And a logo projector in the base of the ROG trademark twisted stand lets users show off the
Republic of Gamers logo or display a customized logo using the included blank discs.
Both the ROG Swift 360Hz G-SYNC and ROG Swift PG32UQX displays will be available later this year,
with pricing to be announced closer to availability.

ROG Swift 360Hz G-SYNC monitor ROG Swift PG32UQX monitor
 24.5-inch display
 360Hz refresh rate
 Full HD resolution
 NVIDIA® G-SYNC certified

 32-inch Wide Screen (16:9) Display
 Mini-LED Panel Backlight with 1400 nits peak
 4K 144Hz Refresh rate (10 bit)
 1152 zones of dynamically local dimming
 DisplayHDR 1400 Compliant

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