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ASUS India: Interview With Vinay Shetty

ASUS India: Interview With Vinay Shetty

ASUS India, the leading manufacturer of motherboards and computer peripherals announced on the 8th of January that Mr. Vinay Shetty has been promoted to Regional Director for India and South Asia for their computer components and peripheral business. Mr. Levis Su who was previously serving in this position has moved into the role of Director for Motherboards, Asus Computers China.

We got the chance to interact with Mr. Shetty, and these were his thoughts on PC Gaming and the Games Industry in India.

Gaming Central: Congratulations on your milestone, as a ASUS veteran how has your journey been? How has the PC gaming market evolved in India?

Vinay Shetty: Thank you very much. My journey so far has been inspirational and included a lot of learning. A wonderful company to work with and I have been able to work with real Managers. Asus has remained the leader when it comes to promoting PC gaming in India since 2005, we were the first to host the WGT – World Gamers Tournament and have been continuously promoting the PC gaming segment and we find it really encouraging to see the number of PC gamers growing in India. Given the sudden increase in this trend, most of the brands have begun investing in this segment.

GC: What is ASUS doing to build a bigger, better gaming culture in India?

VS: Grooming the culture of Gamers is essential and from the beginning of 2006 we have been quite aggressive in our outlook but have taken a ‘step by step’ approach. We have hosted Gaming tournaments, organized college gaming events and thanks to the ROG portal of Asus we could have the community well informed all the time on what’s happening in the Asus gaming scenario around the world.

GC: The e-Sports scene in India is growing at a remarkable rate. What are your thoughts on what’s next? And what milestones can we expect this year?

VS: It’s good for the hardware industry and a key focus for us remains is to ensure the end user should use the right hardware to perform better. Without the right use of gear and hardware it’s not possible to score better. With the right foundation I think it’s easy to place India on the global map and I feel we will soon see many gamers from India do well globally. We are on that threshold of witnessing Indian bred serious gamers internationally.

GC: Are you going to push Steam machines and pre-made PCs in India?

VS: This idea is still in its nascent stage here but we are exploring this and found some really brilliant brains to take this forward. You will hear about it once it has been decided internally and things materialize.

GC: How will the OC-Showdown Program expand in India? What more can we expect from it?

VS: OC showdown for Asus is a Tradition and commitment to get and build the community of Over clocker. We started the idea almost 5 years back and have seen really promising youngsters over that period. We will continue this and will see potential areas to expand in India. We have our OC tour India soon starting from Kolkata and I’m really excited to flag of the first of a kind program in India

GC: What’s your take on VR? Is it the next big step in gaming? How is ASUS preparing for VR?

VS: It’s sure interesting and our primary challenge is to ensure we have sufficient gamers in an organized fashion first.

GC: For budding PC enthusiasts and over clockers what’s your message or tips?

VS: There is no short cut and never settle on success. You need to know the technology and be humble. Praise often tends to distract us from our focus. I feel the ‘PC Enthusiasts’ and ‘Overclockers’ are the best brains around so I would suggest Be like the Sun – keep that fire within you burning and Don’t let trivial things bother you. In case you need a place to go beyond your current achievement do meet us at Asus.

Gaming Central: Thank you Mr. Shetty for taking the time, it’s a pleasure having a chat with you, and we hope our audience and experts in the industry will take away something important from this.

For more news, reviews and interviews, keep checking back at Gaming Central.

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