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Archaic Sigil Gaming T-Shirts

Archaic Sigil Gaming T-Shirts

So this is our first review for clothing items. Of course we’re a gaming site, so there’s got to be a gaming element to the clothes. And that is exactly what Archaic Sigil does.

Archaic Sigil is a fairly new fan art store which is based in Delhi. It is an online apparel store that was started by 3 gamers whose main focus was to create apparel which was centered around gaming, comics, cartoons and anime to name a few.The store adds new products to its collection every month. Delivery time for products is about 3-4 working days, which includes shipping charges.


The people at Archaic Sigil spare no expense when it comes to packaging their products. The t-shirt we got from them was pretty well packed in a neat brown box with their logo printed along the front of the box.
The box contained the t-shirt, washing instructions and a Archaic Sigil logo sticker.

Design & Quality

The t-shirts are quite boastful when it comes to the color usage and design. Of course there are many more you can choose from. But in the ones we got, a lot of color is used across the t-shirt, and its something that will stand out.

In terms of material and print quality we’ve got to say that the product is quite up to the mark. I pretty much scanned the t-shirts for defects and wasn’t able to find any.

The white one is called Dragon Law and has to do with the Tekken character Marshall Law. The black t-shirt we have is called Arctic Warfare and is a subtle reference to CounterStrike.

DSC_0423 - CopyDSC_0426 - Copy


Dragon Law costs about Rs.500 and Arctic Warfare is Rs. 800. Archaic Sigil’s stuff varies around Rs.400 to about Rs. 800.

DSC_0428 - CopyDSC_0432 - Copy

Our Verdict

I mean if people wear band t-shirts to concerts then its not a far fetched idea to wear a gaming t-shirt to a gaming convention or even to gaming cafe while meeting up with friends. At the end of the day, you get a good quality tee, with a clever and subtle gaming reference at a very reasonable price….you really can’t ask for more.

Archaic Sigil Gaming T-shirts

Archaic Sigil Gaming T-shirts




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