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Anti-Loot Box Law Is Being Drafted, Here’s What It Could Look Like

Anti-Loot Box Law Is Being Drafted, Here’s What It Could Look Like

As word of the out cry against gambling in lootboxes reaches some political scrutiny, law makers are taking steps to protect consumers from the greedy and predatory industry practices. Leading the charge is Hawaii Representative Chris Lee who has called or legal protection for consumers and even band of lootboxes. He has now outlined a plan for implementing some protective measures against gambling elements in video games.

The videos below detail out his thoughts in how these laws must be implemented. It’s a fascinating first glimpse at law making that is sure to define the gaming industry going forward, and I would highly recommend that you watch them.

If you want predatory gaming practices to change, join us and spend a few minutes to take action:

1. Take 5 minutes to write to one or more of your elected officials: Governor, State Legislators, Mayor, and City Council members. Their email addresses can be found online.

2. Ask them to consider taking action to protect local families and particularly underage youth from predatory gaming practices. Tell your story in your own words or feel free to use or build on this example letter to get going:

3. Connect a link to a news article about this issue to add an additional perspective, and thank them for listening.

That’s it! Predatory gaming companies are waiting for people to quiet down. Don’t let that happen. Speak out and help us change the gaming industry for the better.

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