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AMD Uses Fortnite To Show New RX 6000 Graphics Card

AMD Uses Fortnite To Show New RX 6000 Graphics Card

AMD is right now building up to their new RDNA2 GPUs and Zen 3 Ryzen 4th Gen CPUs. With the official announcements and reveals soon, they’ve gone ahead and shown off the new design of the RX 6000 series of RDNA 2 Graphics Cards.

For those who want a better look at the card, they’ve taken a unique approach of showcasing it by allowing folks to get up, close and personal with the new graphics card in Fortnite’s Creative mode. Fortnite has slowly been gaining more and more traction as a game where companies are marketing and advertising their products.

For the full reveal of the GPUs, we will have to wait till 28th October while the CPUs will be shown comparatively earlier on 8th October.

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