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Adda52’s new Responsible Gaming Measures

Adda52’s new Responsible Gaming Measures

Adda52, one of the popular poker sites prevalent in India has released a new Responsible Gaming feature. It aims to protect players from severe real life consequences of out of control gambling. This feature has been released system wide, on their website, mobile site and app. Via this feature players will be able to set limits for themselves according to either the tables or stakes. They will also be able to self-exclude from poker games for a set period during which they’ll not receive any communication from the website too.

Using the Responsible Gaming feature players can set table blind limits. After setting the limits they’ll be prevented from playing at a table which exceeds the predetermined limits. To ensure that this is an actual concrete control measure, you cannot remove or increase the limit once it has been set. Although, you can always decrease the limit ensuring that players can abide by their decision of self-control. Moreover, players can set buy-in limits for tournaments and SNGs. Once the limit has been set, they will not be able to play any tournament or SNG whose buy-in is more than the set limit.

Another feature is the ability to self-exclude. Using this option, players can exclude themselves from depositing money and playing games on Adda52. The time period set can vary from 12 hours to 180 days. Once self-excluded, players will not be able to play any game incuding the free poker games though they’ll be able to log in. This will help in ensuring that players have the agency to keep their gaming addiction in check and return to play when they’ve got a hold on their compulsive gaming habits.

Speaking on the launch of this advanced feature, Kapil Arora, Product Head of said, “Poker is a skill-based game that can be mastered with proper study and constant practice. Some people enjoy playing poker as a hobby and some people play it professionally. But there are a few players who could be irrational and spend more than necessary time on the game. Responsible gaming is a step towards inculcating discipline among the poker players. It will help players to decide when and how to play the game in a responsible way, and how much money or time to spend at the tables. As a category leader, it is our duty to make the game as safe, ethical and secure as possible.

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