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Activision Admits To Call Of Duty: Infinite Warfare Not Meeting Expectations And Underperforming

Activision Admits To Call Of Duty: Infinite Warfare Not Meeting Expectations And Underperforming

In a surprisingly honest admittance, Activision has said that Call Of Duty Infinite Warfare failed to meet player and company expectations, and that it “didn’t resonate” with the fans of the series.

Over an earnings call, Activision CEO Eric Hirshberg admitted to Call Of Duty under-performing when compared to the previous games in the series, with the primary knock against it being the setting. Infinite Warfare had been up against the wall ever since the first trailer being revealed on YouTube and going on to be the one of the most disliked videos on the platform. This was a clear sign from the fanbase that the futuristic setting and absurdity that the series was heading towards was not welcome.

To be fair, Infinite Warfare did turn out to have one of the better Call Of Duty campaigns in recent years, but by then the waters had already been muddied, and audience perception skewed. The game did still go on to sell a ton, but not nearly as much as Activision would have wanted. It’s good to see them acknowledging the disconnect they have between what the audience wants, and the product they are putting out. They have also stated that the next Call Of Duty game, being developed by Sledgehammer Studios, will take the series back to its roots. So maybe Call Of Duty: Vietnam?

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