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Work It Out – Aaptiv – Review

Work It Out – Aaptiv – Review

For many looking to get into the rhythm of working out, but are new to it, going to the gym or being around new people can feel really intimidating. On the other hand, it’s often easy to lose motivation when working out alone. It’s a tricky conundrum that rarely has an easy solution.

Aaptiv is an interactive workout app that aims to give you a fully regimented training session without having to step too much outside of your comfort zone. And it works really well. Aaptiv comes built in with tons of different workouts – running, stretching, elliptical, yoga, and even lengthy marathon training. These come in various difficulties, from beginner to advanced, and you can fit in the right one into your schedule by looking up workouts that can be done in specific time duration.

All of this is enhanced by an excellent roster of trainers and a tons of great music that constantly keep you motivated. The music selection and the trainers are what really make Aaptiv stand out. The whole package is highly effective. Trainers will tell you exactly what to to, when to take a quick break and then get you back into the next round of workouts. Sticking with these sessions had me sweating in no time.

Not all trainers or music may be to your liking, but with such a huge selection, it’s easy to get exactly what you are looking for. And that’s often the toughest part of starting and sticking with a workout schedule – finding what’s exactly right for you. Aaptiv’s wide offering has made it my go-to app for all my workouts. They even keep adding new workouts, and suggest new ones to you as you keep making progress in the previous ones. So much so, that it can get almost addicting. But hey, when has good health ever been a vice.

The trainers also feel very different from each other, and I would find myself leaning towards some of them more than others. This made my workouts feel more social than they really were. It’s a very subtle aspect of it, but makes a huge difference when it comes to staying motivated.

A lot of my time is spent sitting in front of a computer, and I needed workouts that could be fit in to short session through the day and focused on my back. I am completely satisfied with how flexible Aaptiv has been in fitting into my life. Gamers are even more prone to sitting around for long hours, and it’s tough to pull yourself away from the screen. Trust me, Aaptiv truly can get you hooked to working out.

If you find yourself making fitness related new year resolutions without ever being able to stick to them, give Aaptiv a try. You’ll be pleasantly surprised!

There’s a free trial available, and has various plans to suit your wallet.

Download Link – Play Store | App Store | Website

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