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A Chat With Gamer Girl Aorin Shariyari

A Chat With Gamer Girl Aorin Shariyari

Here we have with us today another cosplayer and avid gamer Aorin Shariyari. She has been a cosplayer since 2008 and hopes to be able to to visit the bigger gaming/cosplaying events abroad. She also enjoys baking and creative writing but cannot compare the thrill of gaming and cosplaying to any other.



Gaming Central: Thanks for being here with us today Aorin Shariyari, so how long have you been into gaming?
Aorin Shariyari: For over 10 years now.

GC: Do you have a gaming name?
AS: PersianMeow

GC: When did you realise that gaming was one of your passions and not just a hobby anymore?
AS: Gaming would be somewhere around when i was 14 and cosplay would be in 2008 when it took a serious turn into my lifestyle.

GC: Gaming as it is has a pretty stagnant notion here in India, being a girl did it make it harder for you to convince others of your passion?
AS: For starters no one takes you seriously if you are a girl who loves gaming. If you play horribly in a game they call you noob. You get comments like – “she plays like a girl” whereas there are guys who play worse but are ignored. Many don’t expect girls to play games like call of duty or Titanfall but I enjoy games like God of War and Silent Hill, when I tell people they act surprised because they don’t really expect a girl to play/enjoy such games.

GC: What is your favourite game?
AS: Mortal Kombat

GC: Do you belong to the PS, Xbox or PC clan?
AS: PS, Xbox, PC, Tabs and Kinect Games

GC: If you had one superpower, what would it be?
AS: Teleportation! You can travel anywhere and I really want to go abroad this year and all the gaming/cosplay conventions around the world.

GC: Okay so here is a very random one for you, if you were locked in a room with Joker with nothing but a pogo stick and sombrero in your hand, what would you do?
1.Take turns going on the pogo stick
2. Make Joker wear the sombrero while you pummel him with the pogo stick
3. Or just sit there waiting for Batman to save you
AS: Put on my Harley Quinn cosplay and make up, I love Mr. J

GC: If there was one gaming character you could meet, real or virtual who would it be and why?
AS: Dante for sure. He is hot, I mean who doesn’t want a date with the son of Sparta, Also I have a thing for white hair characters, Raiden, Sesshomaru, Orochi, Yue.

GC: If gaming wasn’t in the picture, what do you imagine doing?
AS: Probably writing fiction and working on craft idea and baking. I have always been on the creative side, but nothing beats the thrill of gaming and cosplay and when you combine both in a cosplay of your gaming character, it is priceless!

GC: Do you have any advice for other gamer girls out there?
AS: Remember when the zombie apocalypse comes, those who made fun of you would be begging you to save them. Plus gamergirls are way hotter!

GC: Haha, well thanks so much for your time and we wish you all the best for your venture in gaming.
AS: Thanks guys.


You can show your support for her by liking Aorin’s facebook page

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