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5 Reasons Why Fantasy Cricket Takes Your Viewing to the Next Level

5 Reasons Why Fantasy Cricket Takes Your Viewing to the Next Level

In a country that hails cricket not just as a sport or an event, but more like a religion, a cult, a way of life, it is rather elating to see cricket being played in almost every nook and corner of it. In the recent past, a major transition has been observed in the demographic. What was initially a celebration using home-sown balls and wooden bats got replaced by mobile games and fantasy leagues. The uprising of fantasy sports platforms and online betting websites has not only increased online business traffic, but also revolutionised the way the game is spectated. Cricket has seen a rise in analysis when it comes to perception by audience members, and has thereby rejuvenated a lot of cricket communities all across the globe. 

Fantasy Cricket has taken viewership to new levels and different heights, and has definitely revolutionised the world of cricket through ways, some fathomable, some unknown. Here is how Fantasy League has revolutionised cricket analytics. 

Increasing Accessibility 


With the advent of technology and modernisation in general, it is observed that not only phones, but internet charges and data packs have become accessible and hence, ubiquitous. Easy access to such internet measures have made not just cricket, but the virtual world of fantasy cricket more accessible to a wide spectrum of audiences. Fantasy cricket has therefore found a way to enter not just the phones but the lives of cricket fanatics. 


It is rather amusing to see how well fantasy leagues have taken advantage of the exponential increase in the number of mobile devices by making the apps readily available across a wide range of platforms. 

Relishing Rewards

Getting rewarded to guess the right course of events in a match—sounds lucrative, doesn’t it? Will the Mighty Dhoni smash that last ball over the boundary? Or will he succumb to last-minute pressure and get his stumps knocked out to eternity? 

There is a reward for almost any correct prediction. This revolutionises spectating cricket in a way that it makes viewership a more enriching experience. What was previously regarded as a boring set of overs that one generally chose to avoid, like a particular escapade in a test series, has now been replaced by reward system that Fantasy Leagues provides. This takes viewership to the next level by

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