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5 Pro Tips To Dominate The Battlefield

5 Pro Tips To Dominate The Battlefield

Battlefield 1 is an impressive game, both in the single player and the multiplayer. However, while the single player can be gotten through, and acts as a decent tutorial for the multiplayer, you’ll need a lot more to do well and dominate in online sessions. If you’re new to Battlefield there’s a lot that you need to know about the game and how it is played, since it’s unlike most first person shooter available right now. If you are a veteran, there are still a few tricks that can help you do significantly better.

Here are 5 tips and tricks that can help you be useful to your squad and have the most fun you can in Battlefield 1:

1. Play The Fucking Objective

This has been the official tag for Battlefield multiplayer, more so than anything else. Battlefield 1 is highly objective based. While getting kills helps, nothing helps more than contributing toward the overall objective, be it capturing and defending objectives in Conquest, or destroying objectives in Rush.

2. Keep Switching Classes

With the large scales battles, it’s important to know what role is needed of you at any given time. You could see your squad attacking an objective, but getting mowed down by enemy forces. Switching to a Medic will allow you to revive players and put down health packs that can help your team maintain the offensive.

3. Communication Is Key

Keep talking to your squad-mates. Let them know what you need, and ask what they need of you. Playing as a team is one of the keys to winning. You will often see winning teams having squads who follow instructions and are always coordinating their attacks. Also, getting in a tank as a squad with each member performing a particular role is supremely satisfying.

4. Spot The Enemy

What many new comers do not know about Battlefield is the ‘spot’ mechanism. When you are looking at an enemy unit, be it infantry, horse mounted, or vehicles, pressing R1/Q/RB will spot the unit and make it visible for others on the map. This can help focus attacks and take them down faster. It also helps highlight snipers who are hiding away in secluded corners.

5. Take Your Time To Learn The Maps

This is pretty obvious, but still something many players can lose sight of in the rush to get kills or get to the objective. When you are new to a map, play it for a few rounds exploring and learning the ins and outs. This can help you get around faster which can be really useful when you are being flanked or flanking the enemy. This also help you get around tight spots and towards the objective.

Well, those were a few tips to get you started. As you keep progressing, I am sure that you will learn more, and if you do, be sure to drop them in the comments below.

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