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5 Interesting Facts About CS GO

5 Interesting Facts About CS GO

Since so many people fell in love with CS: GO, the game has been so successful that it managed to become one of the most loved eSports. There are multiple CS: GO tournaments happening each year, with passionate pro teams that worked hard to gain the skills necessary to participate and, ultimately, win. 

But even if there are so many pros and fans who are spending hours in the game and betting on, there’s no way they know every fact about the game. If you’re one of the people who don’t know every aspect and would love to find out more about the thing that is so dear to you, here are 5 facts about CS: GO.


  • Finding the Bomb in Smoke, Easier with the Tutorials


The challenge you deal with as a Counter-Terrorist is that you have to find and defuse the bomb. But this can be difficult, particularly if the terrorist team knows how to make it an almost impossible mission. However, there’s a little trick that will help you locate it.

If the bomb is located in smoke, you can locate it by keeping your tutorials on. This is a trick that may make your game experience better.


  • There Are Chickens in Cobblestone


If you’ve never played on Cobblestone, then you may not know that there are chickens roaming the streets. Hens were there ever since the earliest days of Counter-Strike, but they wouldn’t move. They’d just stay in the same spot and peck until someone killed them. 

In 2012, though, with the release of CS: GO, hens became able to walk around and even react. Not to mention, they can also be seen wearing seasonal costumes for Halloween or Easter sometimes. 


  • CS: GO Was Never Planned as an Independent Game


Believe it or not, but the game was never intended to become a game on its own. Earlier, CS: GO was nothing but a port for CS: Source for consoles. But it somehow managed to become the successor of the game and is now one of the most loved shooters of all time. 

Gaming Gangout : Counter Strike 1.6 Vs Counter Strike Global Offensive

Gaming Gangout : Counter Strike 1.6 Vs Counter Strike Global Offensive


  • You Can Get Money in Overpass


Wouldn’t it be great if there was a place in CS: GO where you could get money in a much easier way? Well, if you are new to the game, you may not know, but there’s actually a way to do so in Overpass. There is a bank where you can get money. The TTL Bank has an ATM that you can rob, so make sure to make use of it. 


  • Memorable Graffiti


A very cool aspect of the game is the graffiti on the walls. Basically, there are walls containing graffiti art in certain areas, and they memorialize amazing pro plays. If you have favorite CS: GO pros, it would be nice to look around for artwork of them. 

Final Thoughts

It’s always nice to learn more about your favorite game, so surely some of these facts were new to you. Now you may enjoy the game even more.

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