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4 Single Player Facts we learned about GTA V


We are less than two weeks away from arguably one of the biggest video game launches in the medium’s history with GTA V, we delve into some facts which we believe can make it awesome.

Detailed Gunplay Mechanics

This is something that we observed through the numerous trailers, but it’s nice finally having some confirmation. If you are unaware, it’s overt that the shooting mechanics in GTA V are a hybrid between the mechanics found in Red Dead Redemption and Max Payne 3, which involve weapon wheels, basic cover, and similar aiming sway. That’s a wonderful thing too, considering both of those games received rave reviews.

There are also lock-on options available for those wanting a less stressful experience and would prefer looking like a badass without much effort.

Gta V New Screenshots

Awesome Gunplay 🙂

The power of Land, Sea, Air

If there was one striking and glaring thing to take away from the hands-on impression, it’s far and away the sheer amount of travel methods throughout missions. Missions seemingly like to put one character on the ground, with another flying a helicopter or providing sniper cover fire, and another in a boat doing work from below. This will undoubtedly provide unparalleled gameplay complexity in mission structure, making them worthwhile to replay, which by the way was also confirmed.

The variety in mission structure is evident, providing each pivotal character with key roles to fulfill, creating a perfect door into our next point of discussion…

Character Swapping Detailed

The key advertised feature in GTA V is the ability to switch between any of the three different protagonists at any given time, even when on a mission together. We finally learned a little about how this will all work today as well.

Aside from having total freedom most of the time, at cinematic moments the game will also shift to another character, giving us a broader idea of how we should be going about things, and to make certain we get to experience all of each protagonist’s stand out moments. Character portraits of the other two protagonists will also flash red if death is looming or white if they are in an advantageous moment to complete objectives.

Superb Attention To Detail

Graphically, it was always unanimously obvious that GTA V would tear the house down and put most modern console games to shame, but I don’t think anyone expected the level of detail in the game that is present (to the extent that some have speculated that we’re being shown a PC version at the moment).

In contrast to the dark and bleak atmosphere of GTA IV, GTA V offers a sunny and vibrant visual style with light reflecting off of cars and more. So we hope


Awesome Detailing


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