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343 is trying to revive Halo 2’s infamous ‘Earth City’ E3 demo


Corona has taken many structures consistently, and left pieces of those improvement ways going as far as possible back to when being a RTS on Mac was assumed. This week, Halo guardian 343 Industries declared a gigantic venture to get those pieces, working with modders to carry cut content once more into The Master Chief Collection.

In a bulky blog entry named Cutting Room Floor (opens in new tab), 343 uncovered that confidential “Digsite” project has been chipping away at gathering cut content, yet repairing half-completed resources for make them work inside the ongoing Halo MCC passages. Working with modders like General_101, Con, Num0005, Scruffy, Sean T, Ludus, and Zeddikins, 343 has parted Digsite into two groups — Digsite Alpha for pre-discharge Halo: Combat Evolved content, and Digsite Delta for Halo 2 advancement scraps.

Between the two, the cut substance incorporates rejected Halo 1 vehicles like the Specter and Kestrel; old Master Chief models from the game’s RTS roots; beforehand concealed NPCs, levels and weapons; and a small Warthog called the “Piglet”. However, it likewise anticipates making an infamous piece of establishment history, Halo 2’s broadly unreasonable “Earth City” E3 2003 demo, playable unexpectedly.

Assuming you’re mature enough to recall Halo 2’s staggering interactivity debut, you’ll mind that it donned some then-state of the art lighting strategies that never come to the last game. A 2018 Digital Foundry video (opens in new tab) dove into how the very Earth City was achieved, yet so, Bungie utilized an entire heap of deliberate misdirection to accomplish impacts in the demo that transformed out difficult to venture into a full game.

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