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3 things a Gamer will never accept

3 things a Gamer will never accept

All Gamers face ridicule from people who don’t play games or those that think gaming is a waste of time. In many ways, gaming could be one of the reasons you’re single and don’t have much of a social life. It also probably made you into a couch potato.
Nevertheless, gaming does have some up-sides as well. It encourages teamwork, creative thinking, is thought-provoking, exciting, keeps the brain active and is a bigger grossing industry than Hollywood.

At the end of the day, we won’t understand a non-gamer’s point of view and they won’t understand ours. But here are a list of things that you should never, under any circumstance, admit to a non-gamer that you do. As a gamer, I too, quite naturally have been guilty of doing certain things that are a little…..let’s say dramatic. Admitting to any of these thing would bring in criticism from a non-gamer. Anyway, without further ado, let’s get to it.


The Tilt

RaceNet _In-Game_Drift_01

I can safely say this admits to almost all gamers across the world. Found mostly in racing games, we gamers have this tendency to tilt–for absolutely no apparent reason– when we approach and while actually taking a corner.

Just think back to the times when we played NFS High Stakes on that old Windows 98′ computer, and almost fall out of our chairs while skidding the car across a high mountain road making sure it doesn’t slide off the mountain.

And we’ve been doing this waaaaayyy before these motion controllers came into being, so we can’t even use that as an excuse!


The Annihilation of a Corpse


We’ve all gone through games in which there is an enemy that is just incredibly hard to defeat. Many hours and days of frustration go by and we still find ourselves stuck in that same level and this definitely takes its toll on you.

But when you do finally beat your imperishable seeming enemy, you throw your controller in utter happiness, you jump, you yell, you scream, you curse, basically act like a chicken with its head cut off, till it all gets out of your system, but then something else happens…

If you happen to be playing a game in which the corpse of the enemy is still lingering around, and I think I can safely say that every gamer has thought about celebrating their victory at the expense of the corpse. Constantly shooting the head and jabbing a sword into the enemy is one of the most fun ways to enjoy your victory.


Rage Quit


There have been times when we get a little too immersed into the virtual reality that games give us. There is even a phrase that has come about for the anger we feel with games at certain junctions. Mainly associated with Call of Duty multiplayer, the rage quit has become a part of the gaming sphere.

Rage quitting is quite simple really. It’s basically when you get annoyed with a game, you put down your controller, turn off the console and move to the other room to maybe watch tv or do something that is less strenuous. But not all gamers are the same–some swear, throw things, break stuff, basically gets quite nasty, and is not really a safe place to be.

If you were ever one of those that lost their temper and threw a fit, then it’s probably for the best that you keep that whole incident to yourself. And next time just try to make sure you’re alone when you rage quit, or else you may notice your friends keeping their distance.


If we’ve missed out any other embarrassing things that gamers do, please feel free to share it in the comments below



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