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2nd Edition of India Gaming Conclave to Focus on Drivers of Gaming Revolution and Future Innovations

India Gaming Conclave

Gaming is emerging as a power-packed sector in India, with the country expected to become one of the world’s leading markets in the gaming industry. According to latest reports by KPMG, the total Indian Gaming Market is expected to grow 113% from INR 136 billion in 2022 to INR 290 billion in 2025. The online casual gaming segment is poised to see the fastest growth, with revenues growing 182% from INR 60 billion in 2022 to INR 169 billion in 2025.The 2ndEdition of the India Gaming Conclave 2022, being held on 10thAugust at New Delhi, aims to garner insights on the drivers of gaming revolution in 2022 and beyond, with a focus on 5G, cloud gaming, tech innovations, gamification, smartphones and gaming devices.

Organised by Konnect Worldwide Business Media, the day-long event on the theme ‘Getting Ready For The New Normal – The Gaming Industry In 2022 – What Next…’ is supported by industry partners including MediaTek, Gamezop and All India Gaming Federation. The forum will bring together industry experts, innovators, gaming publishers, game developers, OEMs, gamers, influencers and analysts to collaborate and exchange ideas for driving the gaming revolution in the near future.

India Gaming Conclave

The discussions will gather impactful insights on understanding new-age gamers, India’s focus on innovative gaming infrastructure and gamification as a powerful tool to engage, monetise and grow revenues, among other industry relevant aspects.

“Gaming & performance are the foundations of MediaTek’s consumer-centric strategy. We focus on embedding superlative gaming capabilities to our incredible MediaTek Helio 4G & Dimensity 5G chipsets featuring our advanced HyperEngine gaming technologies that aims to foster a conducive gaming environment that appeals to the new-age gamer. With the recent addition of MediaTek Helio G99, we bring gaming to the next generation of 4G smartphones. This highly efficient chip is built on the TSMC 6nm production process, which enables great gaming, big cameras, fast displays, smooth streaming, and reliable global connectivity. We look forward to insightful conversations during the India Gaming Conclave,” said Anuj Sidharth, Deputy Director, Marketing & Communications, MediaTek.

Gaurav Agarwal, Co-Founder, Gamezop says, “The gaming industry is currently thriving with fresh concepts, investments and talent development. Over the past couple of years, venture capital firms have invested over $2 billion in gaming businesses in India; attracting the attention of investors towards the gaming sector. We at Gamezop, have been the pioneers in casual gaming segment and have extended our game hub across our partner apps and website to offer unparalleled gaming experiences to the audience, thus boosting user engagement and generating advertising revenue. Knowing the potential of the gaming industry and the pace of transformation and growth that is propelling the change, we are happy to be associated with a platform like India Gaming Conclave. We look forward to having stimulating conversations and discussions on various factors that are serving as catalysts and leading to broader impact in the sector.”

 “Just as India reaches the threshold of 5G, it makes a lot more sense for the stakeholders to assemble and discourse the future of gaming and innovations in the space shaping it. India Gaming Conclave is the forum to be at for industry leading insightssaid Faisal Kawoosa, Founder & Chief Analyst, TechArc.

Topics that will drive conversations include 2022 & Beyond – 5G, Cloud Gaming and Innovations in Smartphones & Devices – Drivers of Gaming Revolution in India, Understanding a Gamer – India Focused Innovations in Gaming Infrastructure, Gamification – A Powerful Tool To Engage, Monetise & Grow Revenues and What Next – Taking Gaming to the Next Level Thru Investments & Partnerships.

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