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The Solus Project – Review

The Solus Project – Review

Being humanity’s last hope of survival is a huge burden to bear. The Solus Project puts you in the shoes of the last surviving member of a rocket crash, while scouting a new planet for signs of sustainability. Earth has been destroyed, and it’s now on you to find out if the planet you’ve crashed on can be humanity’s new home, and if so, how do you get that message out to everyone else.

The site of your crash landing is close to a beach, with alien planets and galaxies stretching out across the horizon. There are also some strange structures off to the distance. It’s a beautiful view, and it’s hard not to stop and stare in wonder. Unfortunately, your vitals are low, and survival is key. At the core of The Solus Project are two elements – Survival and Mystery.

You’re constantly reminded of your critical vitals, and weariness. The numbers are always falling, and you need to prepare accordingly to survive. It’s never too hard to impede your progress in any meaningful way, but it still is an ever present danger that you need to be wary of. Food and water is easy to come by, even surprisingly so for a planet that’s seemingly bereft of life.

There are environmental dangers as well, especially the rain and cold. Finding shelter during the nights when the temperature drops is really important early on. Also, your body will require rest from time to time. Shelter can often be found inside caves and massive structures, and exploring these is a good alternative to weathering the harsh conditions.

Soon enough you’ll stumble upon some intriguing mysteries and secrets, and this is where some of the best moments. Exploring the planets often poses more answers than questions, it always feels rewarding. There are simple puzzles inside these structures, but for the most part they were simple, and took little time to solve and proceed further. There are giant halls of ancient wonder, and a lot of it imparts an ominous sensation, due to the desolation.

The Solus Project is a really compelling game, that mixes survival, dread, exploration, and beauty exceptionally well into a single experience. And when the game ends after around 20 hours of gameplay, there a satisfying sense of closure. There’s a lot to explore, and is very atmospheric. Don’t expect too much depth in the survival or puzzle elements, and you’ll have a lot of fun uncovering the mysteries.

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