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Last of the Survivors: Awesome Zombie Shooter

Last of the Survivors: Awesome Zombie Shooter

Among a surge of amazing mobile games, its at times hard to come across real gems. And it was a pleasant surprise to stumble upon, Last of The Survivors, world’s first Isometric endless Survival Horror Game, by SolidRock Games (an indie game developer from Bangalore). Imagine Diablo mashed up with Duke Nukem!!.

The game throws you right into the action, fighting off hordes of zombies. The movement and shooting mechanics are fluid and responsive, balancing the challenge in the game and making it a lot of fun.

And the game is really deep, specially for a mobile game. All the weapons can be upgraded and customized to suite your play style. New areas get unlocked as you press on, and to travel these treacherous lands, you can use vehicles, which is possibly the best part of the game. Ranging from bikes, to military vehicles to armored tanks, the vehicles add a lot of fun to the game. Vehicles can also be upgraded.

As you level up, you face tougher enemies, but also have a better arsenal to fight them. Varying weather patterns and the day-and -night-cycle add to the immersive challenge in the game.

If you are a fan of zombie shooters, looking to play a good mobile game, look no further than Last of the Survivors, available on Google Play Store and Windows Mobile Store.

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