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7 Reasons why PC Gamers are the best

Unplugged: BYOC 2013

With the looming launch of the next generation consoles, and a current generation of PS3 and Xboxes with life still in them, gamers are perhaps forgetting the constant champion – the PC. PC gaming vs console gaming is one subject for the passionate fans who swear by the PC. We take a look at just why PC gaming endures and always wins against the consoles share your opinion in the comments below.

7. Hardcore Fanbase

Unplugged: BYOC 2013

For The PC gamer their ‘gaming rig’ is their passion, and adapting their machine or picking up new tech for it is part of the enjoyment. These hardcore fans are willing to customize & work on making their machines the best, meaning that the producers can in turn offer the best standard of gaming for the PC.

Console fans in contrast show little of this passion. The console gets plugged in under the TV and is treated like a toy, compared to the PC audience who treat their machine more like a high performance car. The PC wins over consoles here because their fans really care and respect their hardware. \m/

6. Gameplay

It should always be the most important factor. Gameplay matters way more than graphics. Just as well the PC does both better than anyone else. Just look at the range of games that defined the PC: War-strategy deployments, management-sims, virtual-people, shoot ‘em ups, point-and-clicks, keyboard-instruction-based-games, racing-games, RPG, MMORPGs, puzzle games… the list goes on.

The PC has always offered a more broad range of games, and more technical gameplay than its competing consoles.

5. Eventually…it’s Cheaper

It is a common misconception that PC gaming is expensive. Sure, building your ‘rig’ will incur some hefty cost, and probably more than the price of the new PS4. But when your hardware is put together, you can pick the games up so much more cheaper than the console market.

Firstly, you don’t have Sony and Microsoft looking for a bite of your wallet, you can buy the games yourself in a shop much cheaper than the console counterparts. Alternatively, you have unlimited download options thanks to your PC’s functionality. Compare this to Sony, where you have the one download option over the Playstation Network; an expensive and limited catalogue at best.

The PC in contrast opens up a whole world of downloads, the scope is unlimited and the prices are usually cheap. Of course, the PC allows gamers not to pay for games at all, the pirate market being a major problem. That is bad for the gaming market but it is a fact that it happens, and PC gamers end up spending way less than console owners.


4. Better Graphics…Period!

The PC is simply a more powerful piece of hardware. It can do more. And if a console ever matches PC, the PC is instantly adaptable to buy newer hardware for. This has led to the most beautiful gaming experiences on the planet, more frames per a second and better textures are standard for a PC game up against its console counterpart. Take for example the new Call of Duty, it looks epic on the PC, and if you had all three major hardwares you would surely get it for PC where it looks the best.

There is a reason at the major gaming conventions the big producers run their demos on PC hardware, it wins over console hardware all day long. Consoles aren’t leading the way, they are merely catching up as the PC keeps running ahead.

3. Multiplayer Rocks 🙂

Consoles are trying. But everything the console market is trying to do with internet social playing and online worlds is already well established on the PC. It is a free choice on the PC too, you are not tied to a console, and can dictate your online experience yourself. PC gamers can make the social experience as active as they like, and the MMORPG market is a world in itself.

Gaming at its best is a social experience, it has always has been, from the days of two players on the Super Nintendo to 2,000,000 players-plus now online in worlds made possible by the PC.

2. It’s the Evergreen Warhorse


With a PC you never have to worry about your hardware becoming outdated, your machine will simply evolve. Unlike the console market which every six years or so prepares to trundle out a new machine with an over the top marketing-blitz. In many cases this means all the games you loved playing so much back in the day are now redundant. I loved Goldeneye for the old Nintendo 64.

If I fancy a blast of nostalgia it involves a climb into the loft and a load of hassle to dig the machine out. Not the case with one of my favourite PC games, Half Life, I simply pop the disc into my machine and I can enjoy it as easily as that. The PC is a veritable legacy of gaming, not a pause for a moment in time.

1. The Keyboard And Mouse

A controversial one for sure, but you can’t beat the functionality of the good old keyboard and mouse. Console gamers are conditioned to the d-pads and analogue sticks, but you can pick one of those up too if you wanted. On a physical level at the very least, the engagement of both hands, one on the keyboard, one on the mouse, is more immersive than the grip of a single pad.

The keyboard and mouse also open up a ‘smarter’ range of games; management sims and strategy games that for example just don’t have the right ‘feel’ on a console.

So Gamers let us know if you liked this article 🙂 And let the console Vs PC War rage in the comments below.



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Geek....Gamer....Curious :) Started his affair with gaming with Super Mario on an 8 Bit console and has been hooked on to gaming ever since. With a commitment to promote gaming as a positive sport and lifestyle in India he started of Gaming Central in 2013 which has since grown as India's most popular social gaming community. Shrey is also a digital marketeer and runs his own agency GC Interactive based in New Delhi which helps brands from strategy to execution, fueling the growth of some of the hottest consumer brands on digital.


  1. Absolutely true. PC games are way better and immersive than the consoles. I once connected a Xbox controller on my PC and tried playing DMC 3 & 4. It was really painful and I had to die in a good walk in a park stage several times whereas the same levels were awesome while playing with the keyboard controls, I was able to easily get a SSS rank out of the stage which was actually a C in case of console based gameplay.

    • You don’t know how to play with the controller actually… 😛

      • hehehe,,, lol.. maybe, maybe i have spent much time on the keyboards rather than those dumb sticks, sometimes it even felt like i was touching somebody’s d**k with my thumbs… :p

        • I think you’re a real console-hater, my friend 🙁

  2. I even wonder how the console gamers go for a headshot in the FPS games, it’s really painful using those sticks.

    • LOL ^ It was even my thought when I didn’t had a console but its way easy than PC!!

      • actually, i don’t even own a console.. :p just got the experience of playing on it much, maybe practice will make me perfect.. 🙂

        • Practice will make you perfect 🙂

        • Actually, consoles have a good support called “auto aim”. By which if you aim near an enemy, you aim will directly go near him or sometimes at head without any real “try hard” 😛

  3. What if I possess both? And its actually console gaming that you don’t wanna care about the “outdating” factor. And PC online gaming is a very bad experience where you’re filled with hackers. PS3 also have that problem while Xbox-360 have only the mod system by which you can play games free! The next-gen I suppose would have the fixes for this.

    • Good to hear your point of view Kamal 🙂 Keep participating in the discussions.

      • Thanks 🙂


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